Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Late Wednesday Update

So, in the three hours since the last post, we've gotten several more pledges, and are now a hair's breath from $30,000.00.

We have pledges from three foreign countries: England, Canada, and, believe it or not, Iraq. An American news reporter stationed in Baghdad has pledged $50. That, frankly, kicks ass.

A few things:

Some people have e-mailed us and asked about giving to charities other than the Red Cross. Although our personal preference is to eventually get this money to the Red Cross specifically, since they seem to be the most direct way to help those in need, we would never turn down a charitable donation. When the time comes to mobilize, and actually send this money out, we will give instructions for on-line Red Cross donations. Other targets for money can be found individually.

There is a fairly good chance that there will be some media mentions of our goings-on here in the next few days. We will update this blog as they happen, if they happen.

As soon as we can find the time, we will start posting selections from the e-mails we have gotten. They're pretty hilarious. Turns out people dislike pettiness. And lawyers.

Finally, if I can figure out how, I will try to post a picture of Saab Guy's bumper on this site, so everyone can assess the damage for him/herself.

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