Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Second Update

Friends and shamers:

It is now 7:23 PM in Los Angeles, roughly eight hours after I first emailed everyone. The current stats:

82 people have pledged $21,323.


Pledges have ranged from ten dollars to five thousand. That's right. Someone donated five thousand. If he gives me clearance, I will announce his name, but for now, let's let anonymity and grassroots fervor rule the day.

Please do forward the original e-mail, or this blog address, on to anyone you know who might be interested in donating. Please, also, emphasize the following:

1. I am not collecting any money at all. Each donater will simply pledge an amount to this particular idea, and then, eventually, donate the money directly to the Red Cross (or another equally direct and worthy organization).

2. Interested parties should e-mail me at saabbumperkatrinafund@yahoo.com (listed on the banner of this site as well), and simply tell me how much they will eventually donate. When the Saab Guy makes a decision, I will post here, and hopefully e-mail everyone directly, to tell them to go ahead and make the donations.

3. Please do not pledge anything you do not intend to donate, regardless of the outcome. One way or another, I would like the Red Cross to get all of this money.

4. Absolutely any amount is great. I believe the Red Cross website has a $5 minimum, or something, so anything at that amount or above is fine. The number of individual donations is just as important as the final amount. (Maybe not just as important, but close to it.)

I hope to have tee shirts made that I will give away for free -- no money from the donations will go toward making them, or anything, obviously -- for anyone who gives more than a certain amount. Keep checking back here for details.

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