Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Wednesday Morning Update

As of 12:21 P.M., PST:

124 people have pledged $26,269.00.

Just a refresher, on how this is being handled (reiterating from previous posts, so bear with me):

1. If you'd like to pledge an amount, e-mail us at That address appears above, on the banner bar. Do not donate the money yet. We are waiting on Saab Guy's decision. When he decides something, we will post it here, and then instruct people on where to donate.

2. Do not pledge anything you would not otherwise give. One way or another, this money is going to be donated. The issue is whether it is donated in Saab Guy's name, or in some other name that comments on his decision. Again, when he makes his decision, we will instruct everyone on how to donate.

3. As an added incentive, I, Mike, have decided to donate an additional $836 for every $5000 we achieve from now on. So, when we hit $25,000, that's another $836 from me. Just a little incentive for more donations.

Keep the pledges coming!

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